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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Retirement...Now What?

You worked hard, saved and invested financially, and have finally arrived at the retirement "reward" stage of your life.  Maybe you even made a big life-changing move to the beautiful lowcountry of South Carolina.  But now with less daily stress and more time on your hands, you have discovered that financial planning for this huge transition in life was not enough, that you should have done some personal exploration/lifestyle planning as well. 

Research shows that most people spend more time planning for a two-week vacation than for their retirement.  You may be one of the many retirees who will spend more time in retirement than in your working life.  It’s important to think about all the other aspects of life that are impacted by retirement. Where will you find purpose and meaning? How will you handle changing relationships with family and friends, or the desire for personal development and growth?  What about your social life? 

It is important to continue to live out new dreams and find ways of achieving new goals in this phase of life.  Not only does your happiness depend on it, research shows that your longterm physical health is impacted as well.  Part of the secret to a successful retirement is having the insight, tools and resources to renew and re-create yourself.  This transformation of self is inevitable, so why not be intentional in directing your own healthy renewal and redirection?  As the old Chinese proverb says, "The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, but the second best time is now".  Jack has training and experience in retirement 
preparation, recareering, self exploration and regeneration of self worth and the life transitions that accompany a shift into the retirement years.