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Libby Hardy, MS, LMFT     Jack Hardy, MA, LPC

You, like all people, are unique. You are uniquely “you”-physically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. Your life experiences and family history are yours only. Your needs, concerns, wants and desires are unlike any other person. Recognizing this, we lean heavily on the “systemic approach” to therapy. This approach enables us to understand “you” in the context of your relationships, both past and present. You are not an island. You affect others and they affect you. Our compassionate approach enables us to come alongside you and help you identify and address conflictual and unhealthy patterns. We will then help you gain the skills to move toward healthier relationships and a healthier “you”.  Libby and Jack each employ Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in working with most couples.  Research has shown that EFT has a higher rate of success and improvement in relationships than other approaches.

Do you sometimes fail to achieve happiness, reach your full potential, or fulfill your purpose and desires? Do you get stuck, derailed by stress, irrational beliefs, poor choices, undesirable behaviors, or unwanted events in your life? Partnering with the right therapist can prove to be very beneficial.  It is very important for you to find a therapist with whom you connect, who is genuinely invested in your well being, is empathetic, has unconditional positive regard for you, and takes a collaborative approach with you in identifying, refining, and achieving your goals for therapy.  Jack and Libby are passionate about helping people achieve improved mental and physical health, positive self regard, healthy relationships, purpose and meaning in life and career, and clarity/realization of personal goals.

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